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Q.C. Pride in Memory
2930 W. Locust Street
Davenport, IA 52804

Steering Committee Members

Jane I. Duax:¬†Long time member of the QCA, involved in education, business, and government, and original owner of the local Women’s Book Store and Art Gallery.
Rev. Richard Hendricks: Minister of the Metropolitan Community Church of the Quad Cities and community activist for diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Don Faust: Graduated from Augustana College, playwright and involved in the local community theater scene.
Jack Wiley: Founder of Quad Citians Affirming Diversity along with his wife, Joyce Wiley.
Larry Best: First paid employee of The Aids Project, Quad Cities, now The Project of the Quad Cities.
Mike Hetrick: Long time QCAD board member.
Will Schmidt
Jenn Robb
Sara Meyer: Moved to the Quad Cities to attend St. Ambrose University; an activist who has spent her professional life supporting those in addictions recovery and the LGBTQ+ community.
Kathy Bowman: A former QCAD board member and long term friend of Joyce Wiley’s.
Clayton Peterson: Emeritus, founding member of Pride in Memory, long term friend of all who are gay.  A blessed memory.